this is a staple for every community and it's no different here -- don't cross ic/ooc lines. don't godmod. don't powerplay. a writer cannot portray more than one celeb from the same movie/tv show.

furthermore, members are only allowed to portray two (2) charactesr in-game to ensure that others are have availability in options for roles.

this gpsl is based around the idea of offering a fun environment for writers. if there is an issue that arises between characters and/or writers, please do not hesitate to reach out to the mods for discourse

concerns and/or questions can be left in the mod contact post or via pm. we will do our best to address them as soon as we can."

all characters must be 18 years of age or older

usernames must be in character. no underscores, numbers or nicknames, please.

all characters are required to have a backdated ooc/screened post.

we value engaging and strong writing above all else. we would rather have ten dedicated writers who participate with all community members than one hundred members who only post for activity and don't interact.

we reserve the right to not respond to inquiries over rejected applications.

for writing examples, we require one narrative and/or update, and one scene (at least 4 tags from your character, please).

activity checks will occur at the end of the month.

once members are accepted into the community, they must introduce themselves in erotogenic within 48 hours.

all members are expected to be active in their intros and reply to most, if not all, of their comments. while this does not count as activity or as an update, this is a litmus test for commitment to character and community involvement.

in order to secure activity, members must submit a substantial post (either first-person or a narrative) -or- unlock a scene to the mod that was started within the current month with a minimum of six tags from your character.

all members added during the final week of a month receive a bye from submitting activity until the following month.

aside from these, all members are required to keep friends lists up to date. neglecting to update your friends list for a period of two or more weeks will constitute removal from the community, so please make sure you are keeping your friends list updated.

the cut-off point for activity submissions will usually fall on the last two days of the month. we urge you to contact the mods if you require an extension, or to provide ideas or prompts to create a post or a narrative.

but most importantly, have fun!